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The beginning of the end

My performance as an intern started off slowly as my boss took about 2 weeks to get to know me. I believe the best moments I spent in my job were when my boss gave me full creative freedom in … Continue reading

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Beijing-Final Thoughts

Although I have only aged 8 weeks, I feel years older.  I have grown in so many different ways over the past two months.  The first week felt like a vacation.  I made so many new friends and experienced some … Continue reading

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Getting Directions

As an intern in this company, I think I improved many aspects of my soft skills like teamwork ability and time management and self-adaption. Working in a start-up team in Campus PM, I felt I played such an important role … Continue reading

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Xiéxie Beijing!

I can’t believe my flight home is this week. Although I’m ready to see my family, friends, and hometown. I’m definitely going to miss all the people who came on this trip with me, the people I’ve met here, and … Continue reading

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Time to Go

Last journal. That’s something. Being in China this summer has without a doubt been one of the most rewarding and valuable experiences I have ever had. I distinctly remember wondering the day before I left what my thoughts would be … Continue reading

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Change. It’s something that naturally happens to all of us over the course of time. Whether, it be for the best or worst it’s something natural that we can’t directly control due to various external forces. I knew personally that … Continue reading

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Till We Meet Again

“It is a bit nerve wrecking the day before embarking on a trip you know will change you but you’re not sure how yet.” I wrote this line before boarding my flight to China all the way back in May. … Continue reading

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