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Ever-Changing China

The main thing I have learned about the legal field during this internship has been the importance of networking. I always knew about it in the business world but I now realize it is just as important if not more … Continue reading

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Sharing a Piece of Home

Before beginning this internship, I knew a limited amount about the legal field and foreign relations. Honestly, I perhaps was a bit unqualified to begin an internship of this caliber. However, being thrown into an environment where my knowledge has … Continue reading

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LyncMed’s Strengths and Weaknesses

I learned that the medical device industry consists of many companies and continues to grow rapidly. The industry is dominated by big companies which has led to increases in prices. I have also learned that a lot of companies buy … Continue reading

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The Bigger the Better

The real estate industry is not the area I thought I would have for my internship here. Despite this, it is interesting to get a glimpse of how it operates. My co-workers work diligently every day on tasks such as … Continue reading

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Different Cultures, but the Rain is the Same

For today’s SWOT analysis of Ventum Consulting, I want to preface by clarifying that by no means I am an expert and that this analysis is purely based on my experience. Nevertheless, let me talk a little bit about Ventum’s … Continue reading

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Being Happy Being Proud

Is there a difference between proud and happy? I guess so. The two are intertwined when you reflect back on how a moment made you feel. One being dependent on the other, the other not. You can be happy but … Continue reading

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Research, Research, and More Research

During my time interning at DHB Global I have learned so much about the biotech/healthcare industry every day. I learn more than I would in school if I were taking summer classes at this moment and time. In the world … Continue reading

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