The Home Stretch—The Best Week Yet

I don’t exactly know where to start with this entry. I have been through more in the past week than I have my entire time I have been here, so it feels. For my final week, I was placed in a new internship. After expressing my feelings about my old job and feeling unfulfilled with it, I was offered the opportunity to work in a different setting for the remaining time I have left. What did I have to lose?

I was placed with a start-up company called Grace + Ivory, a wedding gown company that specializes in personalized dresses at an affordable cost. After my first day, I already felt a million times better. I’ve been working in a co-working space called “the naked HUB”; it is something similar to the feel of a large coffee shop. My supervisor, Tina, assigned me a pricing project that I have worked on all week. It has been tons of fun, to say the least. I was finally assigned something I had actual interest in and felt motivated by the fact that she would actually be using my work for her future plans. It is absolutely amazing how much encouragement this adds to assigned tasks.

Each day after work, we have eaten at a traditional, sit-down, Chinese restaurant. The food for some reason has tasted the best this week. We are all taking in these “lasts” that we have here in our final days. We have made it a point to visit some markets and visit other areas outside of the 798 District. Everything is starting to sink in – “This is our last time…”

As I sat at work each day this week, I took a couple moments to just sit and take it all in. I have had many ups and downs during my time here in Beijing, and I think it all finally came together just this week. My happiness with my new job is a prime example of a saying that I don’t know if I have ever truly benefited from: “Better late than never.” I could’ve kept my unhappiness to myself and dealt with it this last week. I am so glad that I didn’t; it allowed me to have the best week yet. My whole attitude turned around. I learned that if you are unhappy with something, change it. Don’t waste time; there’s not much of it.

Beijing has been a long and bumpy roller coaster, and at times I even felt as though my seat belt came off during it. Other times I wanted to go in reverse and just head back home. I am glad I came here, as it has taught me more about myself than I ever would’ve dreamed. I don’t know when I will find myself back here, but when I do, I hope it is as rewarding as it was now. Xièxiè, Beijing.





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