Last week to Go

It has almost been two months for my summer internship. The time spent with signature wine club past so fast and the time I spent with Fongyee Walker’s team definitely give me a  bountiful supply of wine education. I am proud of certain projects I have done for the past nine weeks, which includes creating special offers to DHL China employees; propose a sponsorship for key opinion leaders in the industry which is food bloggers; working with the first and only Master of Wine in China, Fongyee walker’s team to explore Chinese market and build good relationship with our subscribers. However, I think I still lack professional communication skills as my supervisor is very flexible we normally use Wechat to communicate instead of email, which did not give me much opportunity to train my professional communication skills. However, I am glad I am taking the business-writing course in school next semester. I believe after that my professional communication skills will be improved.

This is not my first internship, but it is the one I learned the most. Through this internship I didn’t only gain professional development, but the more I gained is building networking for my future career in Beijing. Those people who I just met this summer, they mostly have the similar background as me, who study abroad and come back to work. I found a lot in common with them and they are very kind to give me suggestions and directions on my career path. Such as when I said I have no clue which industry I am going to and one of the UF alumni suggests me to do more internships and search for more information about many kinds of industry. I believe what she said so I decided to take a half-year gap for next spring semester and come back to Beijing or Shenzhen for another internship.

What I have also learned applies to another thing as well, not the only internship. That is when you are doing something, pay attention to it but do not only do what you are doing. I am learning to think another perspective which I am not required to do. This normally is the part made me learn the most about current project or job. I was invited to visit Christina’s company and she is one of the UF alumni. Her company is an internet company for short videos posting and live streaming application.

Currently, they are trying to open the global market and I have the honor to see their office. It is actually my first time to visit a big company like this, they have 5 to 6 levels owns by the company and hundreds of people. I used to be the user of this APP and I have never think about the people who work behind this APP, like how do this functions and features get to implement. Now having the chance of visiting her company makes me experience another way of thinking, like thinking deeply and to seek what is under or behind the surface.


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