Getting Directions

As an intern in this company, I think I improved many aspects of my soft skills like teamwork ability and time management and self-adaption. Working in a start-up team in Campus PM, I felt I played such an important role as a family group instead of doing some “real interns” job like simple printing and sending e-mails. Doing work routine, our team have to brainstorm ideas and organize them all together, which  improves my communication ability. On the other hand, the skill I think that I am sill lack of is to do the right acceptance and refusing sometimes. One troublesome thing about our boss is that he would sometimes did such a long speech, starting at the time we are supposed to leave, which makes us to stay for extra hours but not doing any practical work. For this point, I can just ask for leave but still not dare to do this.

No matter what aspect of influence this internship brought me, it got me some direction for being business school at the very first year. Some of the jobs did not that suitable for me in some way and some of the jobs fit me perfectly. For example, I had been to certain entrepreneurship sharing session that I heard much experience from them. Since our team was doing education, the sharing session is also about how great companies who did English education got their great progress. At that point, I just realized I am not the proper type person helped doing Education Marketing in China. All the successful entrepreneurs were sharing experiences helping students from all ages learning English in such a pushing way. Some of them invented certain high-tech pad for kids to do practice. All the intention is all good but it turns out making me feel uncomfortable seeing kids learning English just for learning English.

This is a family dinner photo with my family and the big “UF family”. My parents mentioned so many times to treat everyone once to act “the hospitality of a host”. It was a fun night with everyone getting off from the work on Friday night and gathering for a family dinner. A fun fact was that I got off late at that day; Emily, Anna, Julia and Jonathan got there ahead of me but they were getting along with my parents super well with great language barriers.



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