The Unexpected Prize

The most proud moment I felt so far about my internship was when I got several soft skills potentially I haven’t had before. All the skills are accumulated in my mind through the process I tried to think out of the box and step out of my “comfort zone”. Once my boss asked me to be the real time translator for a business conference, I just realized my oral English, like the fluency, actually got improved a lot. At that point I felt so proud that I went through the tough process of lots of team work and communication with the coworkers, which helped me a lot.

The biggest accomplishment I had for this internship so far must be  the improvement of my organization ability helped me hold the business conference successfully. On the day that our first investor group come to examine our final product, I tried my best to give arrangement to the Chinese investor team and helped they to do communication with my American and British coworkers. It turned out the presentation was done perfectly and all the investors approved our product. Also, one of the investors asked me to help her print out some personal document; however, the printer at our office is broken that I have to walk 20 min to find the printing shop. When they were leaving, the investor group praised my professional skills and lots of soft skills that they don’t even know we are interns. I felt so impressed and proud at that time.

One of the biggest shifts I had so far since I was living in Beijing is that the high pace life made me live more freely. Because of the high pace of living speed and high dense of population, Beijing becomes the city accumulated lots of resources. When I got there at the first week, I realized that there is thousands ways to meet friends and try new experiences. Therefore, comparing to other cites’ lives like in Shenzhen or Gainesville that I have to make specific plan for the day life, living in Beijing makes you feel more free and with lots of discovery and surprises.


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