Thats a Lucky Number Here!

The moment I felt most proud of in my internship thus far is leading the international training on the new data tracking method that I had built over the course of the previous weeks. I’m used to giving presentations to large groups, but I’ve never done it telephonically much less to all of the international teams across the world. It wasn’t the most fun thing having to wait until 8pm to hold a meeting so that everyone could attend, but it was a great learning experience. After being trained in public speaking my general presentation tone is usually very fast paced and focused on the perceptions of the presentation. However, when presenting on a training I took it significantly slower and focused less on my ethos as a presenter and more about the specific and exact information that was getting through to the listeners.
Out of the professional accomplishments I’ve had, I think the most important is becoming friends with my supervisor and the other directors in the office. Some of the people at Mobike are incredibly impressive young professionals. Asking them about some of their accomplishments and future goals is actually incredibly informative because most of them align with where I can see myself going in the near future.
I look at life differently after living in Beijing by expanding my vision of how I see the world. Realistically speaking, from inside the united states I can gauge how I perceive myself and the things around me. The only issue is that that view is extraordinarily limited by the limits of the people and area around you. By pushing yourself out of you comfort zone it allows you to see the perspective of yourself, your culture, and your assumptions as compared to others in a direct contrast. By doing that you can understand the base assumptions about life you make every day and recognize how those affect your life. This type of thinking is fantastic because it allows me to really try to understand why I am like I am, and why the people around me in Beijing and international community are like they are. Essentially, the way I see life differently is I can begin to acknowledge there is a lot more to see from a wider view and that you can’t always see everything from the comfort of home.
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