Surviving Without Internet

I felt most proud during my internship in an instance early on when we were working through a stock purchase agreement. The agreement was between a Chinese company and a U.S. company so it was in English and my supervisor wanted me to read through it to make sure there were no unfair clauses. Her main concern was that it would give too much power to the preferred shareholders purchasing more preferred stock. There was one section about conversion rates between common and preferred stock that her and I discussed at length to no avail because we still couldn’t understand it. I ended up telling her to just give me some time and I would figure it out. I created a separate document and explained the conversion process line by line, which was something I had never researched before so I had to grasp everything from the basics to the more complicated issues such as control. In the end, my supervisor expressed great gratitude from it and I think it saved her a lot of headache over that one section.

My biggest professional accomplishment from this internship will be crafting a complete stock purchase agreement from scratch. As one can see from the previous paragraph, each element of these agreement is dense and can be legally complicated. Michelle, my supervisor, asked Emily and I to craft one based on only the company’s names and the shares purchased. The most difficult part wasn’t the actual writing but the reviewing of the contract to make sure all of our bases had been covered. Michelle approved of it and I believe our copy was used in the stock purchase.

One way I look at life differently as a result of living in Beijing is my extreme dependence on the internet. I suppose it goes back to that old adage, “you don’t know what you got ‘till it’s gone.” The hardest part was finding entertainment during down time at home. In the States, I just pull up YouTube or CNN and that keeps me occupied for a while. During my first few weeks in China, I was so habitually used to it that I would wait forever for YouTube to load just to watch a short video. At this point I have given up and resulted to reading the novels I brought (an outlandish thought for sure).


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