My Guanxi

Currently at my job I work side by side with my boss. I work from the beginning to the end of projects. We usually begin by having a creative brainstorm for the clients, then we get input and apply it for even further ideas. I have also been used as a translator for various design cases that were already finished. There are three long term projects that have been in the works since I arrived at the company. One of the projects was just finished this week, and the finalized client meeting is this Monday. The other two projects are still undergoing different ideas and we are applying more ideas.

The relationship I have acquired with my boss is amazing. Since we work so closely together on everything in the company I have gotten to know my supervisor on a very personal level. I know a lot about his past architectural experience and all of his largest projects prior to living in Beijing. We have gone on site tours in different cities near Beijing, we have had client dinners, and we have had clients come talk to us about their ideas. I have one co-worker and she is great! She also works close to my supervisor. Both my supervisor and my co-worker actually took care of my wellbeing for a week. I got a really bad fever and throat infection last week, and my boss and co-worker got me medicine and food. I am extremely grateful for having such a strong bond with both of them.

Something I have learned from living in Beijing is the importance of leaving your comfort zone when meeting people. The amount of connections I am making in Beijing are all due to being more outgoing and outspoken. People live such fast paced lives here that in order to create any type of relationship you have to be confident and at least appear like you would offer the other party something in return. I have also learned to ignore any type of small issues that come in my direction. I should worry only about myself and what I want to achieve with the connections I make. WeChat has become something extremely valuable in my connections in comparison to Instagram or Snapchat in the states.


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