As I’ve mentioned before, Chinese students and many other international students have the ability to pursue an undergraduate degree in law. I, on the other hand, am a business major, and a second-year business major at that. With that being said, every day I encounter some terms, topics, or tasks that I have to learn how to navigate.

Within my research of cases or drafting of contracts, I always stumble upon something that I do not understand. This has been new to me, as I’m used to catching on and grasping things quite easily. At work, I spend about 30 minutes looking through the needed terminology/legal backgrounds for every 15 minutes I spend just working on the project. This is tedious; however, it is providing me with so much knowledge that I will use in the future. I’ve learned a lot about different legal systems around the world, terms regarding business, investing, and finance, and I have been given the opportunity to explore many facets of international law and business that I would not have faced otherwise during these beginning years of my undergraduate studies.

One of the best features of my internship is my supervisor’s ability to talk us through things when we need assistance. She is very busy, yet when she has time, she candidly and willingly discusses cases and answers our questions readily. I love to ask questions, and I feel like she loves to see that light bulb go off once everything clicks in my head.

Also, I love my coworkers. Our second week, Casey and I met about 5 Chinese nationals that work in the patent/trademark department of the law firm. We decided to go to lunch 30 minutes before we usually do because I was starving. We happened to stand behind them, and when they heard us speaking English, they struck up a conversation with us. Evelyn told me that that was yuánfèn, or fate. Since then, they have completely taken  Casey and I under their wings.

They are always showing us new foods or places to go. They eagerly work to ensure we enjoy China, whether at work or somewhere else. From showing us different places to eat, taking us and about 15 other interns to KTV, and showing us around the Olympic Green, they have become friends I will always cherish, even when I am back on the other side of the world.

One of the meals that Evelyn, Katherine, and the rest of the crew took us to was Hai Di Lao hotpot. I had had hotpot once before, but Hai Di Lao was delicious. We had many different mushrooms, meats, and more. My personal favorite food that I have discovered is the hotpot potato dish. Whether actually making it in the spicy soup at a hotpot restaurant, or just eating it out of a flame-lit dish at a restaurant, the spicy & stewed potatoes have become my number-one craving here. Additionally, I do love a good jianbing or a bowl of dumplings.  Much like my new friends, the potatoes will always have a special place in my heart.

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