The Best Fried Noodles Money Can Buy

The most challenging aspect of my internship is interpreting the various legal jargon that I encounter on a regular basis. The contracts and laws that we read are incredibly wordy. Sometimes it takes me twenty minutes to fully understand certain paragraphs. It can be even worse when a document is translated because of the multiple interpretations of Chinese characters. For example, the phrases “state department” and “national department” are sometimes given to the same character. So I will think they mean different areas of administration when they actually don’t. This provides an extremely useful opportunity, however, because I know this type of reading awaits me in law school and beyond. I have adopted a “get used to it” attitude on this matter and I really do enjoy the challenge sometimes.

My favorite aspects of my internship are the actual cases themselves. I have found the work to be quite variable. We have done research on contractual law, criminal law, stock purchases, civil law suits, and even incorporation of a new company. This makes the work quite exciting because as soon as we finish a task it feels like Michelle gives us some random new opportunity for research. For example, we had to research a slip-and-fall case for a client in Saipan, a U.S. territory that I had not even heard of.

My favorite dish so far in Beijing I always buy at one restaurant in a small food court near our condo. It is fried noodles with ham, shrimp, egg, and some vegetables. I’ve had fried noodles back home but the fact that they make it fresh right when you order it and cover it in sauce makes the dish taste so much better. I tried to bring my friends to this restaurant and they were closed. In fact, I’ve tried to bring many people there but every time I do it is closed or they tell me that it is out-of-stock. When I go alone for some reason they always have it! Now any time I miss dinner because I napped too long or don’t feel like going to the place the group decides I just go to this food court. The owner has begun to recognize me and usually remembers what I order.

Casey 6

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