Positives, Negatives, and Delicious Food

The most challenging part of my internship is also one of the best features about it. My internship differs from college workload in the sense of lack of direction and guidance. In college, there is always someone there to help guide you through the process whether it be teaching assistants or the actual teacher themselves during office hours. On a daily basis, my boss will give me a task and just tell me to work on it without giving much information about it. This is challenging for me because my boss is very busy and doesn’t have time to assist me but, it’s one of the things I enjoy as well as it gives me a lot of wiggle room to add my style/ taste to whatever work that I am doing. I feel that this is something majority of college students deal with during their first experience in the work force and it is something that will get better over time with the more experiences you go through.

Another feature I rather enjoy is how variable my internship is. No one day is the same. We might be meeting clients one day and then doing field research the next. This is something I look for in a job/internship because it keeps my mind refreshed and I never start just “doing the motions” when it comes to my work.

After work, one of my favorite dishes to eat is Beijing hotpot. Specifically, my favorite hot pot restaurant is Haidilao. The way that hot pot works is that you order a variety of meats or dishes, depending on what you like, then you dip them in a variety of sauces. The sauce makes the meat so tender that it melts in your mouth! Haidilao is my favorite of the hot pot restaurants because they have the best service of any restaurant I have been to. The waiters were always around to assist us and even got a stain out of one of friends’ white pants! When we ordered noodles to come with our dishes, they even brought out a performer that made the noodles right in front of us. What more can you ask for then dinner and a show!connor6

(Roadshow that we went to last minute at work)

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