Ultra Good Experience

My internship has definitely grown into something I cherish doing every single day. One thing that shaped my liking towards this internship is my supervisor. My supervisor’s name is Doug and he is one of the most intellectual and well-spoken human beings I have ever met. In addition to this, he knows how to lighten the mood of the workplace and in general create a fun working environment.

Doug is the CEO of DHB global and his daily work day is just like that of a CEO. He will give me a general direction of tasks I should be working on and then bounce from task to task ranging from phone calls, meetings, and research. While performing all of these tasks, he must also keep a 1000-foot view of the company that resides in four different locations including Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Beijing. Somehow, Doug manages to keep a cool attitude while balancing all of these different spinning plates.  This is the trait I most admire about him. Most people will crack under large amounts or pressure or exert their feelings on other people when it becomes too much. In the future, I hope to be this type of boss and always give my employees a fair working environment that Doug has created and given me.

My role specifically in DHB Global is that of a Financial Analyst. I perform analysis on a variety of markets including FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplantation), Microfluidic tech companies, and block chain in healthcare. My work weeks are never the same and normally change on a dime. Some weeks we will stay in the office all week while others will be spent bouncing around Beijing for conferences or meetings. I even get to go to Shanghai on a business trip later this week! Focusing more on interactions in Beijing, one experience that really has caught my attention was my experience at Ultra music festival here in Beijing. In America, people at music festivals are normally judgmental and stick to themselves but, my experience was completely different here. The Chinese people at this event were so nice to me and would come up to me to just have a conversation to talk about what type of music I enjoyed or even how I was liking my time in Beijing.


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