Forced to Flex for Whatever Comes Next

This week absolutely flew by. Upon coming to the office on first day of work, my supervisor told me something very interesting. He told me that while he is my supervisor and he desires to lead me to success in the office, it is also one of his goals to make sure that I am well-travelled during my time in China. As a result of that statement, he encouraged me to take a couple extra days off to travel to Shanghai; therefore, I only had a three day work week—a very busy three day week.

I am really enjoying my time at EventBank. I am enjoying the work assigned to me, the area the office is located, and the relationships I am developing with my coworkers. There are certain days where I take a step back and say, “Am I actually having fun at work? I thought that was impossible.” Apparently not.

I have had no prior experience with the industry or type of work of which the nature of my job involves. I am currently working on developing a marketing strategy for EventBank into four new target markets. I am exploring the many opportunities that companies can take advantage of in using the LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter platforms. It has been challenging finding evidence to justify our marketing strategy but all the more rewarding when problems are solved.

As a side project, I am working on streamlining the companies contract management process. I have spent the last week transcribing proposals and contracts onto this incredible platform that should increase both the company’s efficiency and organization. It has been very interesting!

I have gotten pretty close with my coworkers in the last two weeks. Each of my coworkers is very skilled in what they do as well as flexible when it comes to helping out others. I have taken it upon myself to ask each of them how they perceive their work and how it is they got to be expats in Beijing. They all have strengths that enable them to be valuable employees for the company. I have found that my biggest strength in this workplace is my unbiased opinions and willingness to question the system. This has allowed my coworkers to think whether there is a better approach to situations than how they are currently approaching it. Our strengths play off of one another. While I am only an intern, I can be useful!

Beijing, like I have mentioned in past blog posts, is a city of surprises. I feel like the situations I find myself in are constantly changing, forcing me to flexible—something I have not always been the best at. Beijing is teaching me how to prepare for what I don’t know could happen. This doesn’t necessarily have to strictly mean preparing for things in the workplace but also in the normal parts of life.

Every week I get the opportunity to tour Beijing and other parts of China. This is very exciting, memorable time but it requires a lot of coordination. I have learned to roll with the punches and it has been so fun and a blessing to spend my summer in this place!

Speaking of touring, this weekend a group of us were escorted by some local friends to see Beijing’s Olympic Park! It was truly amazing. Pictured below is what happens when you let interns out of the office.

Trey 5

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