Making my Mark in Marketing

I have finished all the planning and research required to redesign the company website. I feel like this will help the company by making them more marketable and allowing them to portray themselves in a better light. I have also finished more than 80 percent of market research and have sent a lot of information to the people who will be analyzing it. This will help our company create a good business strategy while staying up to date with the current market trends and changes.

I have also created multiple spreadsheets with potential sales leads of companies whom we can work with and sell our products to distribute it to hospitals. I was also recently given the task to find FDA requirements and to fill out the forms required to start trade with the USA. Anything non-Chinese is usually given to me to translate and explain in my own words in an employee meeting.

I think that in the 3 weeks I have worked I have already built strong relationships with my team. The biggest strength of my supervisor would be his hard-work and the amount of meticulous care he takes to make sure that everything is alright. I think I fit in really well since I am very organized, something that the business lacks. Since my company is looking to expand into the US I also bring very valuable consumer information that a lot of people can’t really find online. Since I also worked in a hospital I do know about the American medical market which is very helpful for the success of the company.

One thing I have learned is that hard-work is usually appreciated and helps in building better relationships. In the beginning I did not have my supervisors trust which led him to give me easy tasks but after proving myself I realized how important Guan Xi was. Not only does my supervisor give me harder work but he also rewards me more often and allows me to present in front of the entire office.

I also realized how big Beijing was since it takes over 3 hours to get out of Beijing.


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