Go with the Flow

Right now we are working on a case for several international investors who want to invest in a company but want to do it quickly. They are going to form a new company in a different jurisdiction and then use that new company to invest in a firm in China. I can’t be specific because it is all confidential and my supervisor was very clear that I mustn’t share many details.  Emily and I are doing research on the legal requirements of forming a new company in this country and how China’s laws will affect their investment. The clients have no experience doing business in this other country so any basic information or tips that we can give them will be helpful.

My supervisor, Michelle, is clearly an experienced international lawyer. However even she is not an expert in American business dealings. This is where Emily and I can assist her. Because I am further through college than Emily I can usually explain more details about corporate transactions like recapitalizations and stock purchases. I have taken accounting, business finance, and business law. However, Emily certainly holds her own weight because she is an expert at catching the little details in every contract. Countless times she has caught errors in my math or grammar that could prove very costly if unseen.

One thing I have learned from living and working in Beijing is to go with the flow. Personally, I am a planner. I like to know where I’m going to go, how long I’m going to be there, and who else is going to be there. In Beijing, that is impossible. Even something as simple as ordering food can bring you surprises. So, I have quickly learned to just roll with things. It has really changed the way I think about my time and what makes something an enjoyable experience for me. Planning has many advantages but there is something so exciting about trying a random restaurant. You can’t know what you’re going to order or even how to pay the bill going in, so you just go with it.


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