Getting Accustomed to Beijing

My supervisor Henrik, is a very outgoing and relatable guy. He was born in Brazil, lived in Philadelphia for most of his life, then moved here to Beijing to start working for Delsk Business Group. He is by far the most personable guy at the office in my opinion. He isn’t the highest rank in our office department with the Director being the top dog, but he is the general manager of the International Business and Development Department. Which is one of the most important departments here at Delsk Business Group. His responsibility for the department is to overlook all the projects and different international residency programs that Delsk covers, and makes sure they are going smoothly. There are progress reports every Friday he will help fill out to make sure all our projects are running smoothly. Every week we will make it a mission to go out as a department to eat and drink. During this time, that’s when I realized that he breathes life into our department. He is relatable and great guy to talk to. We have a lot in common in the social aspect of life.

So, my role in the company is to research different topics and learn about them, then show them my findings on the subject were researching on. There is not a specific kind of task I am doing because it is a flexible workplace. We present our ideas to them in either report or PowerPoint form. Recently, we have been learning about the company and start to understand how the company functions. They just gave us an assignment for us so we can learn more about Delsk and their US projects which is nice of them to do. We recently got a special task where we were allowed to leave the office building and inquire information about one of the companies Delsk is working with in the future. It was a fun task being able to go out and represent Delsk as a company. I was very intimidated when he gave it to me at first. After completing the task, it was a very rewarding feeling.

An interesting experience I had in Beijing recently was meeting my favorite Jian Bing vendor on the street. I passed by her every day to and from work and only went to her for my Jian bings. She is a very nice lady and we would always be very nice to each other, but I felt a connection between us. One night on my way back from work, there was an English speaker by the car that could translate what I wanted to say to her. Her name is Sun (pronounced like “soon”) and she was super nice. Now every time I pass by her we greet each other with mutual respect. Sun is a great lady. It makes me realize no matter where you are or how foreign you are to a situation, you can always find a connection no matter where you go.


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