New Concepts of Responsibility

My supervisors name is Dick Zeng who is the marketing manager of Lyncmed. He is really busy during a regular workday and is usually at meetings most of the day. The easiest way to contact him regarding my work is through the Ding app. He is a really nice person who is really appreciative of my work and praises me for my work at the end of the week. Even though he is busy he does try to find time for a team meeting where everyone is able to express their concerns and discuss what work they have done and whose help they need.  My team currently consists of Dick, Kate (another employee) and two other interns. Next week three more interns are to join our department. Most of our projects are all related to each other’s which helped me build relations with our team really quickly.

My internship is in the marketing department. My main duties are to conduct market research regarding the European markets. I also need to send my research to another intern to analyze and explain to her what components she needs to give importance to. I also need to develop sales leads and contact the companies using LinkedIn and emails. I am also responsible for the website development where I give ideas and content for the redeveloping the website and making it look more attractive. I am also working on the steps to get into the US markets with the FDA. In general, any work that involves English is also assigned to me which helps me gain experience with all the fields including sales and IT.

Something that I found really interesting was how my supervisor felt that he had the responsibility to take care of the youngest person in the office(me). During our team dinner he asked me first to order food that I liked and most of the food that I chose was what all of us ate that day. It was really interesting and made me really appreciative of my supervisor. It really surprised me how nice people were at work and encouraged me to learn about the Chinese culture to understand everyone in my office better.


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