Staying Engaged

Last week was an exciting transition from our first week. After our initial sightseeing and exploration of Beijing’s major sites, I was nervous to begin the professional component of this program. I wondered if my internship would affect my enjoyment of this study abroad. However, after a week of working, I’m confident that this isn’t the case. Working abroad is akin to living abroad; this makes for a more accurate representation of everyday life in this city.

I’m working for MullenLowe Profero. MullenLowe Profero is a technology and marketing company which aims to digitally transform its clients. After understanding their clients’ brands and agendas, MullenLowe provides individualized support to update the company’s technological platforms. They perform services such as website development and content population; ultimately, they want their clients’ brands to receive “an unfair share of attention.”

MullenLowe Profero has served some notable clients. The Beijing office is currently working with Apple and Harley Davidson, and moving forward this summer, they’ll be serving D-Link. D-Link sells modems, routers, and other similar products, and much of my work will be oriented toward this client.

MullenLowe Profero is based out of the UK and has offices throughout the world, but Beijing is the technology hub of the company. The Beijing office really impressed me! It is located in the Central Business District, and the surrounding area is very modern. There is a large shopping mall and dozens of restaurants nearby, so at lunchtime there is always something new to explore. My office has about 80 employees, and the space is large and open.

My first few days were an adjustment. On Monday Beijing’s General Manager showed me around the office and set me up with the company Wi-Fi, messaging platforms, and Content Management Systems. He advised me to research one of MullenLowe’s new clients, D-Link, and I designed a brief PowerPoint presentation for D-Link.

One of my favorite parts of this week has been my coworkers. Everyone I’ve spoken to has been friendly and welcoming; the majority of the office speaks English. This has been a great relief for me! It’s enabled me to adjust much more quickly to my roles as intern. My supervisor, Arjun, is actually leaving the company next week, so moving forward I’ll be reporting to Deric. I am incredibly grateful to have him as a supervisor – he is keeping me engaged with my work, and he truly cares about my experience in the company. As the week progressed, he even began teaching me basic front-end web development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript).

Completing my first full-time work week was a learning experience, but as the week progressed I grew more comfortable and confident. I have a role in this company; if I run into problems moving forward, I have a brilliant support network around me.


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