Starting the Professional Lifestyle

This week I received a taste of the work-life and what to expect when starting an entry level job. I started my internship at China Capital, an investment bank, set in a wonderful location in a business heavy sector of Beijing. It’s across the street from Beijing’s upcoming tallest skyscraper that is nearing completion. China Capital is on the 7th floor of Topnew Tower.

From what I gathered on my first week, China Capital is a private investment bank that aims to locate small or distressed companies with a potential for growth, and establish a long-term investment plan with them. The company also assists companies to go IPO, as well as equity portfolio management. China Capital is a very small firm, at least their Beijing office is small. This week I’ve only seen three employees not including my two supervisors.

When you walk into the office the receptionist immediately greets you. Behind her is a wall, and behind the wall is where the two other employees and myself work. There is a long table with dividers in place so that we have our own mini desk. There are two rooms to the side where my supervisors work. It’s a cozy office space and evokes a welcoming feeling. I am sure throughout my time here my colleagues will become good friends.

My experience the first week is what I expected to be doing. My first day my colleagues gave me a tour of the office and its other rooms, and took me out to a fancy lunch. We got to know each other a little bit. I felt relieved after being told that I overdressed for work, because walking around Beijing midday in a suit is a heatstroke waiting to happen (it’s hot in this city).

My first assignment involved doing research of the general aviation industry in the UK. Afterwards, I was told to research a particular private flight school based in the UK (the owners are Chinese) that China Capital is considering investing in. I managed to find their balance sheets and was assigned to analyze them. Currently, I am studying a report on aviation in the UK and preparing to present about it this upcoming week. All in all, this week was heavily focused on reading and sifting through information. I’m hopeful that I can prove myself to my supervisors to tackle on more active work.


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