Dream Internship

The firm that I’m interning with is called “For Her and For Him.” This company manufactures, sells and markets bridesmaid dresses, men’s’ ties and related garments, and color swatches primarily to English speaking countries. “For Her and For Him,” abbreviated as FHFH, focuses on women between the ages of 22 and 32 that live in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. FHFH operates six websites to increase its reach. The largest markets are the coastal regions of the United States, so advertisements are catered to women living in these regions.

FHFH is part of the wedding industry although they hardly sell wedding dresses. Since brides prefer to buy dresses that they can try on, FHFH doesn’t sell many wedding dresses considering that sales are always made online. Therefore, the firm sells and markets a variety of high quality bridesmaid dresses. With more than 60 color offerings and dresses designed to fit the specific dimensions of each customer, FHFH seeks to supply weddings around the world.

Upon arriving at FHFH, the two other interns and I were given a brief yet thorough description of the company and what it does by the co-founder. The firm and its 15 members then treated us to a Peking Duck lunch to welcome us to the team. As soon as lunch was over, each of us were paired with our own English-speaking supervisor. My supervisor showed me the two websites that she oversees and exactly how I would assist her throughout the internship. Within the same hour, I was called into the co-founder’s office and he described his goals for me. He told me that I would publish Facebook posts for my supervisor’s two websites, create my own advertisements with Photoshop, design and send newsletters to subscriber emails, and learn to track the progress of my advertisements and the use of the marketing budget through Google Analytics.

To learn and carry out these tasks, I first had to become familiar with the websites, dresses, promotions, and successful competitor marketing strategies. Immediately after my meeting I began studying the websites. By my second day I was publishing Facebook posts and using Google Analytics. By the third day I created my first newsletter and photoshopped my own images. I was surprised by how quickly I began achieving the goals laid out for me!

This company is very small staff of 15 marketers and two co-founders. Scheduling is flexible and laid back. Most people show up to work around noon. It doesn’t matter what we wear, when we show up, or when we leave as long as we get the work done. Generally, work hours are between 11:45am and 6:30pm. I love interning at FHFH!

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