Adapting to the Barriers

The company I am working for is called Park Risson, it is consultancy that works primarily with large development companies and the Chinese government at the municipal level. The primary product of the company from what I have gathered is the production of developmental strategies and reports to aid and assist project leaders and developers with the most efficient and economically sustainable use for land. The company also works closely with another company called Introfund consultancy which is based in the UK.

In the first week I have started researching different ways that various regions have coped with the loss of a primary economic activity and diversified their economy. I started various projects about the economic development of the Bahamas and researched redevelopments of abandoned coal mines. This first week my primary contact has been with an Introfund employee via WeChat and voice calls. It is difficult because the connection is often poor, and all the company infrastructure is in Chinese. Overall, I would say that the experience was not what I was expecting, and certain aspects will definitely take some getting used to. Going forward I hope that my work and experience continue on an upward trajectory that will make my time at Park Risson both enjoyable and fulfilling.

The Culture of my company is quite laid back. My hours are 9:30-6 with an hour lunch break. There are 5 people in the office of which I have regular interactions with two. The catch is that neither of them speak English. Learning to adapt to the Chinese business style and communicate my ideas with non- English speakers is one of the biggest challenges. One perk is that the coffee is very good and the Chinese cafeteria we eat at is cheap and tasty, for now. I am sure that like any cafeteria food though it will lose its appeal over time. The office space is quite small, and I work in close proximity to the two other workers, but I don’t mind it. I just wish that I was able to communicate more with them as it is a strange feeling to sit next to someone for 8 hours a day and not talk to them.

China UK flag

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