A NOBLE effort in cultural investing

During my internship, I have been presented with many challenges which were mainly caused by the language barrier, cultural differences, and my lack of experience. The greatest challenge of my internship thus far has been when I had to write the pros and cons about investing in the Noble Family winery business and provide a comprehensive list of questions regarding the company. The only material I was given to work on this assignment was a thorough 26 slide PDF covering many angles of Noble Family. In normal circumstances, this PDF would make my job of analyzing the company significantly simpler, except in this case the PDF was entirely in Chinese, and I was tasked with deciphering the document along with writing the investment analysis. Additionally, there was almost no useful material online regarding the company.

At first, I was discouraged as translating the document proved to be laborious. When I was about half-way through the document, I realized the unique opportunity I was presented. Translating the document word for word forced me to focus on every single detail presented in the PDF, and gave me a comprehensive understanding of the company. After translating the document, I gained perspectives about the company that no one in the office noticed, and provided a very detailed research paper to report my findings.

The best moment of my internship came during my visit to an individual, franchised Noble Family store. Before this visit, we were told to prepare a list of questions that a normal consumer, rather than an investor from an investment bank, would ask. Fortunately, I had an extensive list of questions prepared because of my research. During my visit to the store, I had the pleasure of sampling many kinds of delicious wine, and impressed the manager with my unique questions. Following the visit, I wrote another long paper describing our visit, and additional pros and cons about the Noble Family business gained from visiting a store in person.

My biggest professional accomplishment during my internship came right before the executives were ready to make a decision on the investment project. One day, two specialists from the China Capital office in Shenzhen flew up to Beijing to discuss the investment, and offered Liam and I 30 minutes to ask our questions. I had a host of questions ready, and blew them away. The last five questions I asked were met with the response of “we are unable to answer this question and we will bring it up with the CEO when we meet with him.” All my hard work was validated when I received a text from my supervisor telling me that the executive really appreciated all my hard work, and my research largely contributed in the decision-making process. Ultimately, the Noble Family investment project gave me a lot of experience and helped me grow as a business person, and I look for to my next opportunity to present unique angles of an investment opportunity during my research paper due this Friday.


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