I would say my overall performance in this internship is good. I felt I was a quick learner for the company who provided value to my fellow colleagues. At fist I felt lost on what to do and how to do assignments the way they wanted them done, but I quickly learned how to do things better. After that it was smooth sailing through projects and assignments. I would even say I changed while doing the assignments without any advice or teaching. My first couple of company presentations were not the best I admit, but as I kept doing them the quality really rose quickly to a level where I feel proud. Some things I feel I have room to grow are in communication. It is funny because I am always the one who preaches communication is everything and the simplest mistakes are usually miscommunication errors. I felt I could have asked more questions especially to my boss Michael. It is something I know I can do better with for my next internship or job.

One thing I felt in through this experience was confidence. This was my first real working experience, and I had no idea how the real world works. I guess I always felt I was not ready yet or not qualified. But that thinking has changed and I realize that I can do it. Don’t get me wrong, there were tough and frustrating moments, but I overcame them. I plan on taking this experience to the next level in my development professionally and personally. I will be the first to admit it that working in a agribusiness is something I really don’t want to do, and I am glad to finally get an idea of what I like and what I do not. That does not mean I did not enjoy being here in China working with the wonderful people at AARTD, I just now know a little more about myself.

This experience was one of the greatest things I have done so far. I hope this is just the beginning in a long life I plan on living. China is different. That is one way of putting it. I know when I come home people are going to ask me about my experiences and even ask would I ever live in China. I still do not know the true answer to that question. I feel I could if I worked for a company I truly loved. But that question is for anther day if I ever have to face it.

Davis office


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