Returning Home with Good Memories and A New Career Perspective

From the start of my internship with MullenLowe Profero I was delegated work on multiple projects in the project management department, always feeling as though I was contributing in a positive way.  When evaluating my performance towards the end of my internship with my supervisor, she was adamant about how good I performed completing assignments and taking my job seriously.  She told me that I possessed a good workplace initiative as well as a strong sense of professionalism and computer skills.  When discussing where I can improve, she reminded me  to pay attention to small details when working on large scale projects, because any small error can mess up the entire project.  Another area I learned that I could work on moving forward was getting to know other team members in other departments and trying to learn about what they do, how their work contributes to the combined effort of the agency to complete certain projects.

This experience has greatly benefited my professional development being that it was the first internship I had that was related to my field of study; information systems in the information technology realm of business.  The experience has given me a sense of confidence moving forward for more technical internships and job opportunities after graduation.   I hope to work for a tech company with a great workplace environment.  Maybe one day, I will even be permitted to work from home on my own computer like my parents who were computer programmers.

My key takeaway from this experience was that it is good to get outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.  Before the trip, I knew no mandarin whatsoever and never imagined living and working in China.  Now that this time is coming to an end, I can confidently say it was one of the best experiences of my life thus far and has helped me grow individually as a professional and generally as a person.  Though I am looking forward to returning home to be with friends and family that I have no seen in two months’ time, I will always remember the people and experiences I had here in China.

Jake Sun

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