Reflections and Memories

This internship has been one of the best experiences of my young career. I have met tons of new people and learned many new things. The DELSK Group has given me a multitude of opportunities paired with invaluable experiences that have contributed to my growth as a person. I am truly blessed to have worked for such a wonderful company comprised of even better people.

Through their guidance, I was able to accomplish many things. First, I was able to generate a template that the company will use moving forward to conduct market research helping pave the way for future interns to learn and understand the real estate industry. The analytical skills gained from this helped me to contribute to the workflow with quality information that was concise and relevant to the tasks at hand. Also I was assigned a leadership position among interns. This leadership was given in part due to my professionalism and respect to my coworkers but also the work ethic I exuded in the workplace. This occurred when the company decided to shift business development platforms. Thus, I helped establish new standards for the company operations moving forward. Furthermore, I had the opportunity to present market research on multiple cities in the U.S. to the International Property and Investment Department. This was preformed in a formal setting in the presence of the department GM. Lastly, I was able to increase my foreign language skills in a professional setting as well as interact with a plethora of international personalities which helped me gain a more comprehensive global perspective.

Though I was able to accomplish all of these things, I do believe there is always areas for growth personally and professionally. First, I can continue to develop my presentation skills to be more fluid and gain confidence moving forward. Also, I can pay closer attention to details whether it is in my work or picking up on cross-cultural social cues that will help me have a more comprehensive analysis of the product/people that I work with. Lastly, I can always improve my self-discipline so that I can focus on the tasks at hand and not get sidetracked by outside influences (phone, people).

Im still not sure what I want for my future but after this experience I know my future is bright. From presenting to an international team 21 floors up in a meeting room overlooking downtown beijing, to eating lamb legs and drinking beers in a random backstreet of a hutong, I will never forget the memories or opportunities this internship has provided me. Go Gators!

George office entrance

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