Lessons Learned

I think I did well and am pleased with my performance at the internship. I think I made some strong connections with the people at my office and contributed a good amount to the company’s mission. I am proud of the work I completed, and both the boss and supervisor were pleased with the assignments that I turned in. The most significant contribution was my ideas on how the company can redesign their software. I’m happy that I was able to contribute in a way that could actually be beneficial to the company rather than just some pointless work.

I definitely think there was room for me to improve. I think I can improve on my planning and communication skills. There were several instances where my supervisor wanted me to complete something and it took me longer than expected because I didn’t plan it out accordingly. I would also like to improve my communication skills. Many of the assignments, like the investor pitch deck, I tried completing without a full grasp of what I needed to do, which sometimes led to subpar results. It was only after thorough communication that I could complete the task in a satisfactory manner. It was quite embarrassing at first, but I’m glad I got to experience it.

This internship has helped shape me professionally seeing as this was my first professional working experience. I think this experience will definitely mold my future career aspirations. Working with a startup has given me new insight on possibilities after college. I also have learned to handle situations and assignments outside of a school environment. I have learned the thought process in a work environment is totally different than in school. And that may seem obvious at first, but when actually put in the situation it takes some getting used to. Getting to see the work environment in China is something I am glad to have been able to experience because I am actually interested in pursuing a career in China.

What I took away from this internship is that I realized there’s a lot more for me to learn. I think there’s a lot of things that I’m proud of during this internship, but there were also moments that I could have definitely improve on. I glad that I got this learning experience, and I feel like the lessons I learned in this internship will stay with me for a long time.

Alan run

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