Investing in Future Success

Overall, I am proud of my performance as an intern for China Capital. Liam and I set the tone early by staying late and beating their deadlines for assignments. We made sure to blow them away with each assignment by going more in depth than they asked, and by paying extreme attention to detail. On the last day of work, my supervisor told Liam and me that “we were the best interns that she or Mr. An (head executive of the company) have ever seen.” She went on to say that they were so impressed with how hard we would work on each assignment, big or small, and that we weren’t afraid to ask questions to make sure we could produce the best possible work we were capable of. One area that my supervisor said I could improve on was providing my own opinion in my work. Most of my work leaned toward being more general rather than opinionated, but I did make sure to be very prepared whenever I had to speak about the company with anyone else in the office, and had opinions about each company we looked at. My takeaway from this is that I should fully identify what the task at hand is (opinion vs analyzation) so I could perform the task to the liking of my boss.

This internship contributed to my personal growth in that it taught me how to be more independent. Every day, there was no one was draped over me making sure I did what I had to do. I had a deadline for each assignment, and it was my job to make sure I stayed focus on that assignment. This will help me in my future career because I will be faced with a high-stakes job, and my boss will be busy with his own work and won’t be monitoring my every move, and if I am unable to complete the task on time I will be reprimanded or fired.

The key takeaway from this experience was that even if things are not going my way, I should just focus on doing the best job I could. During the first two and a half weeks, I was doing assignments that were unrelated to the company, and was growing unhappy. I was extremely eager to begin adding value to the company, but that opportunity was not available at that moment. Instead of just quitting and moving to another job, I decided to do the best work I possible could, and when the time came for me to begin doing legitimate work for China Capital, they trusted me to do a great job. In my future career, there will be times when I am unhappy with the work I am doing or the role I am in, rather than just quitting or acting upset, it would be best to just do the best I could, and the opportunities will become available.

Jacob H office

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