New Challenges – Same Answer

Wow, two months gone in the blink of an eye. The paradox of traveling is not lost on me though, it seemed so short, yet painfully long sometimes in the moment. China is an extremely interesting place to visit, not even to mention work. The challenges in my experience were great, but also contributed to a much greater sense of accomplishment. Learning to work in such an environment is sure to help me adapt to the challenges that I may have in the future, if make them seem a bit boring. Having to navigate a large city is in itself a good learning experience, and with the language and cultural barrier added, I should be able to tangle with even the biggest cities in the US with ease.

In terms of my work, I found hatchery to be a pleasant surprise. They are definitely a burgeoning startup dealing with its first shot at major expansion and the growing pains that accompany it. Dealing with the problem of closing was a painful one, and I had to adjust my expectations, but in the long run it both worked out for the company and me. With some changes to the kitchen, hatchery was back with a new concept, and I had developed more flexibility in emergent situations.

As for my performance, I believe that I was quick and effective with the work that I was given, and in the end provided good service to my company. Through doing this work, and researching the company and its competitors, I was able to develop a good understanding of Hatchery and the business environment it finds itself in. Through this growth, I was able to start making suggestions pertinent to the growth of the business, and influence operations to a degree. It felt nice knowing the intricacies of how a company works, and evaluating what can be done to take the firm to better places. I feel that in spite of this, I needed more time to develop what my job actually entailed, so I could start being proactive about work when management was too busy to maintain the current workload.

All in all, I feel that the main takeaway from my Hatchery experience was the paramount importance of adaptability. In order to succeed in such a changing environment, one has to be willing to be flexible to the forces that influence it. Hatchery persevered in the face of a huge problem, and I managed to deal with my own problems with the situation in turn. I feel that the importance of this skill cannot be overstated, and as such I am happy to have developed my own aptitude in dealing with such variable situations.

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