Everything happens for a reason

Working for a start-up firm sometimes can be hectic, overwhelming and fast-paced. However, I believe I easily adapted to this environment and gained the knowledge I needed about the company to do my job well. As an intern, I think I ultimately performed well. I was confident, attentive to detail, and communicated well with staff and other pingo users.  One of things I am most proud of us is the fact that they trusted me to plan events solely by myself with minimum assistance from them. I scheduled meetings, visited different locations on my own, picked what the next event would be and overall served as the direct contact for the people who were interested in the event.

With highs, there’s always lows and there were some things I could do better on as an intern. I think I got comfortable after a while. My supervisors are very laid back and that made me very comfortable to the point where I would sometimes catch myself lounging around on social media. I would get distracted a lot and lose focus on the task at hand. I am not sure if my supervisors ever noticed because they never mentioned anything but it’s something I realized I consistently did and felt bad about it. Moving forward, I won’t allow it to ever happen again.

This experience has contributed to my professional development and career aspirations by showing me what it takes to be in the start-up business. I’ve been saying I want to start my own business without realizing how much work it takes to thrive and maintain in this industry. There will be good and bad days, long hours at work and feelings of uncertainty but if you continue to work hard, believe in yourself and what you’ve created, you’ll be successful.

Overall, being in China has been amazing and more than I imagined. Besides taking trips, working, going to events and enjoying Beijing, I spent a lot of time reflecting. I believe being here pushed me to think more about my life. I reflected a lot about my past experiences, things that made me happy, things that made me sad, where I want to be within the next five years, my confidence and everything else you can think of. To put it all into one sentence or a phrase, I would say “Everything happens for a reason”, and I believe this experience in China was meant to happen for me. The key takeaway from this experience would just be to never be afraid to do things that scare you. I was scared to come abroad but being here motivated to be the best I can be professionally and confirmed my interest in start-up.

*The second picture is of my supervisors Martha and Sophie and my coworker Andie.

Tania poseTania friends


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