Beijing Internship in the Rear View Mirror

My internship at China Capital has sadly ended, but I have developed my skills in many areas, and also discovered areas where my I can improve myself. I have become more of a hard-worker this summer, because I wanted to prove my worth to my employers, especially in the beginning. I stayed much later than I anticipated many days to put extra effort into my work, with even more diligence than I normally use for assignments in my classes. I also became much better at researching and being resourceful, because there was typically not information readily available online about the Chinese companies we had to research. Also, I had to be resourceful in using tools to help me around issues like the language barrier. Developmental areas that my supervisor indicated were that I should try to not be as independent, and not be afraid to ask for help when needed, and also to share my opinion more often.

I began this internship relatively unsure about my position on the field of finance. Now I know that I am very interested in it and investment banking. I love the excitement of researching a company, and making the decision to help build it to a large, successful business with capital and advice. During my time at China Capital, I helped research which contributed to decisions being made on two large investment projects. While I learned that I am interested in finance, I also learned that there is a lot more for me to learn. I do not know enough about the stock market and investments yet to be an effective full-time employee, which is why I will pay close attention to my coursework during the rest of my time at UF.

My key take-aways from my internship are likely life-changing. I have gained valuable experience with cross-cultural work, learning how to adapt with different business cultures and customs on the fly, and dealing with issues like a language barrier. I have also figured out that I really do have a strong interest in the field of finance that I would like to pursue. I learned a lot about international business, specifically the ins-and-outs of the unique Chinese economy. My experience that made me a better researcher and a hard-worker with more attention to detail than before, and opened my eyes to other things I can improve about myself. These takeaways will be unexplainably helpful in advancing my career.

Photo: some cross-cultural exchange on the last day of work! We got to try special Chinese snacks.

Liam off

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