I think overall I did well as an intern. I picked my spots to give my input and I effectively completed any work that I was given. The aspects that I excelled the most in involved timeliness, taking direction and professional communication. I always finished my work in an efficient manner so that I could be ready for new work. I also knew that everyone else was waiting on my English translation so that they could send the books to clients. Similarly, I followed my supervisors’ and coworkers’ directions well, providing them with what they needed at the time.

I have room to grow when it comes to my networking and initiative. I found it hard to get into conversations with my coworkers and supervisor because they all spoke Chinese in the office. I was the only one that did not understand it, so I felt left out a lot. However, I could have tried to engage 1 on 1 with my coworkers that spoke English, as well as my supervisor. Also, I could have been more focused on taking initiative in the office and looking for more places to offer suggestions, such as on different brand concepts.

This internship solidified by passion for real estate/architecture/planning. I have more confidence applying to grad school because now I have an idea of what the careers entail and that I really want to be in that sector. I also gained some professional development by going through frustrating points during my internship, which I mentioned in my blog last week. All of my struggles dealing with my work schedule made me more adaptable to different situations I may be placed in for the future. These aspects will benefit me later in my career by offering me a reality of most work environments. It will not be flashy all the time, and you will not always feel in control, but sometimes you will feel rewarded by your work and the people around you.

My key takeaway from this experience was the realization that adaptation is possible. I was very afraid before the trip that I would not like anything, I would not bond with my coworkers or group-mates, or that I would be home sick. I found out while all those things occurred at some point, or maybe at first, I was able to quite quickly adjust to them. This gave me confidence moving forward in all aspects of my life. I know that no matter what life throws at me, I can adapt to the situation and make a good experience out of it.

The picture is my coworkers and supervisor dressing up as me for the last day of my internship!

Tessa dress.jpg

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