Learning About My Next Job In This Job

I came into my first internship thinking I knew what I was getting into, but the reality was far from my expectations. During my internship, I realized that working 9-5 requires some schedule adjustments and new expectations for how to use free time. In addition, I learned how to conduct myself in accordance with the company’s guidelines, how to communicate effectively with my coworkers and how to budget my time between projects. All of this knowledge will serve me well regardless of where I end up.  It also informs my decision as to what type of working environment is best for me in the future.

Although marketing has nothing to do with my major, the skills I’ve learned from the Beijing Internship will always be useful to me. I learned skills such as communication within a small business setting, event planning, marketing and so much more by just surrounding myself in such an environment.  I believe that always having a positive attitude helped me gain knowledge as it allowed me to learn with the support and patience of others in the office.  I did well in my working environment through my connections I made with the people around me.

Elephant Parade and its employees were very supportive and friendly during my internship. They were very knowledgeable about the marketing initiatives and willing to share that knowledge with me so I would get the most out of my time with them. I was also very fortunate to be an intern with a team of interns from diverse backgrounds. The internship program was great for students to get experience in a global workplace. My internship is not only beneficial for the knowledge I obtained but also for the opportunity to network with real professions in the workplace.

My internship at Elephant Parade was a great experience that allowed me to better understand the professional workplace and expectations that come with it. The knowledge I learned and experiences I had are highly beneficial for me as I graduate from the University of Florida soon.

Jarkieria sunset

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