Grateful for Taking the Leap

I believe that my internship at Lantai Partners Law Firm was as productive as it possibly could have been. My employers were not only encouraging of my personal growth, but also fundamental in my development as a student of law. I think I worked quite well with the company, especially due to my enthusiasm for life. I made a lot of friends at Lantai because I was not afraid to talk to people, and that helped me find various methods of accomplishment and development.

My strongest area of performance was in contracting documents, because I am able to find a way to pay attention to hundreds of pages of documents in one sitting, as long as I have music with which I can hum along. However, I think that my lack of language skills really impaired the amount of work that I could do, which helped me realize how much I need to learn another language fluently. I also believe that because I am so enthusiastic to speak with people, I lose the ability to hear what other people are saying because I focus too much on what I desire. I want to be able to work more efficiently with all of the people around myself, and I will have to further advance my attention span to become a better employee. I believe that this law firm has given me many answers to the questions that I had at the beginning of the internship. Although I loved this experience, I believe that I more strongly want to pursue criminal investigation as opposed to becoming an attorney. The work of a law firm was, indeed, very dry and can be monotonous at times.

Although becoming a lawyer may not be my goal, I think that this experience has provided me with the tools to shape myself into a more efficient student and hopefully a member of law enforcement. I believe that I am now more concise, determined, and enthusiastic about the field of law than I had been previously. I have learned to work better with other people, especially when communication is more difficult than originally anticipated.

I have also realized aspects of my professional life and personal life that can be altered in order to help myself become more efficient as a worker. I think this has been my largest takeaway, because self-realization is much harder to come across while living in your comfort zone. I want to thank Jason Ward, Lantai Partners Law Firm, the University of Florida, and my family and friends for supporting me throughout this internship and pushing me out of my shell (like by bungee jumping) to better myself and experience the world. Thank you all for reading this summer! Go Gators!

Collin bungee

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