Summit All Up

Working in an environment where everyone is very busy and focused is challenging because that often means there is little work to be given to interns. As I have stated previously, throughout the entire duration of my internship I have struggled obtaining meaningful work. I have been able to create documents and presentations that have the potential to be used in the future, but I don’t receive tasks to complete on a day to day basis, which is a challenge for me because I hate being inefficient with my time.

However, while I have been here at SPRG I have generated numerous PowerPoints, word documents, presentations, credential files, and infographics. My biggest accomplishment thus far has been sitting in on conference calls with big name corporations. It is very interesting to see how Arthur and Monica begin the conversation about what PR services the company needs and what is the best way to carry out a specific strategy. I have listened to three calls, two of which were new clients, but the other was the BAFTA call, which was the first conference call I listened to on my first day here. SPRG has been working with BAFTA since this past November and they are currently working together preparing for various events throughout China, such the Shanghai International Film Festival, which occurred last weekend.

The best moments I have had working here were giving presentations to the Global Strategy Team. I never have had a fear for public speaking or giving presentations in the past, but for my first professional presentation I was a little nervous because I was in a conference room with people who were actually listening to what I was saying and asked meaningful questions throughout the presentation. After giving my presentation on social media analysis I gave two other presentations concerning similar topics. I enjoyed giving presentations throughout my time here because it gave me the opportunity to tailor my topics based on SPRG’s PR strategy.

Although working on all the PR projects and reviewing past events that SPRG has done has been a great professional experience, it does take away some of the excitement of brand promotion and product image. Experiencing PR first hand has given me insight into the industry and it is a sector of business I will keep in mind while considering my future career.

Outside of the office Kevin, Alex, Kaila, and I visited Longqing Gorge this weekend. The gorge is right by the Badaling section of the Great Wall and it was utterly breathtaking. The area has these beautiful peaks and valleys that you can hike on, blue water where we took a boat ride through the gorge, cable cars that ride up and down steep parts of the gorge, and the world’s largest escalator. Hiking with the gang was almost as tiring as the Great Wall, but the view was stunning and completely worth the knee pain. I love that an hour bus ride out of the city can take me to such a different area and yet, it is all still technically in Beijing. This was without question one of my favorite excursions I have been on while here in China.

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