Success & Rewards: The Upsides of the Chinese Working Environment

One of my most challenging moments in this internship with Vandergeeten was when my supervisor gave me several excel spreadsheets and told me to create a sales report and analysis for one of our suppliers. She sent me 4 multi-sheet, giant excel files along with a small set of directions. She told me what to use to create the end result. It was both difficult and rewarding. She gave me complete freedom to create the report as long as the data was correct and it was presented well. I had to juggle a lot of numbers and analyze many different new concepts and formulas to create the file. Alongside, many questions arose and I had to either deduce the answers or learn from my supervisor. I learned a lot through that project and can successfully say that I was able to create the report proudly.

My biggest professional accomplishment was probably being able to deduce a large amount of ambiguity and uncertainty into an actual used sales report for a large client of Vandergeeten. In my past internships, I have always worked under the supervision of my mentor and therefore was not given much freedom. But with Marina, she gave me full independence with this project and I was able to meet her expectations. I was able to create a great sales report that was both informative and easy to read. Alongside, Marina did not make any changes to it and it was fully used by her sales team, which is an awesome feeling. This by far is one of my favorite milestones in my professional experience.

The best moment of my internship so far was spending time with my coworkers outside of the office. In China, the community puts a lot of emphasis on the concept of “guanxi,” or relationship building. Through sporadic lunches, going away parties, and weekend business events, I have gotten to learn about the many different lives of my coworkers. The culmination of these events created some of the best moments of working in this internship. I was able to challenge my growth and my mind by understanding the different aspects of the Chinese culture. The friends and memories made in this internship was by far some of the most rewarding moments. I can successfully say that while I did do a lot of different types of work, learned many new interesting concepts, and experienced many interesting issues and challenges, nothing can compare to the moments that I got to learn and connect more with all my coworkers.



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