Projects and People

At my internship, I haven’t made any glaring mistakes.  It’s a low-demanding position, and the interns I work with do a good job communicating and working together to solve problems. As I stated in my previous Journals, ambiguity is one of the challenges of my workplace. Since China is an ever changing country overall, I can only infer that ambiguity is practiced to leave space for ever changing expectations. To enumerate, vague directions leave room for very few errors because there is no restrictions or expectations. I must have confidence in my work and assume that I know what I am doing. In any case, a person who receives ambiguous instructions may feel a little discouraged. A solution to this is to have a little confidence in your work and to make sure to submit quality base content.  At first this could be quite overwhelming but taking everything as is and improvising helps a lot.

One of the features I enjoy about my internship is that I can work on real, significant projects. I like not having a typical intern side project; something that gets thought up just for the summer. One of my biggest professional accomplishments in the internship thus far is when I collaborated with a fellow on an advert. We were given different commercials, audio content and scripts to review for a day and then for the following week we rearrange and provided tips on how to appeal the U.S market. After reviewing and critiquing a tourism commercial, we were assigned to rewrite the voiceover because we felt it did not appeal to the U.S market in the way that the Chinese had hope it would.

The best part of my internship thus far are the connections I made with the other interns. Not only is this good for networking but I feel that these friendships are genuine and I cannot wait to visit them someday outside this program. It is refreshing to be surrounded by diverse group of people from all around the world. Singapore, UK , Korea and Japan.   I am truly grateful for this experience.

Kieria sun

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