Perfecting My Pingo Space

The best moment of my internship has been attending events and meeting the users of the app. Pingo Space has a large community of foreign users and after two months I still find it amazing how they came up with such a great idea to connect people in a unique way. Working for Pingo Space has made me reflect about my experiences and think more about the direction I want to go in my professional career. The startup industry isn’t easy but I think it may be both an interesting and scary opportunity to explore. So, in a few years, I would love to talk to my supervisors about my experiences with my own business.

My biggest professional accomplishment in the internship involves implementing five skills to the new curriculum design for Pingo Club. This summer was Pingo Club’s one year anniversary and one of the things they wanted to do is find a way to make Pingo more marketable to Chinese parents and determine how they can grow as a company overall.

The five skills I wanted to implement in the curriculum design included presentation, writing, communication, leadership and problem-solving skills. I specifically chose these skills because I felt they are important to have as a student in high school and college. This was also a moment I felt challenged the most because I was not sure if they would like this idea or want to even use it. So overall the challenging parts of this internship for me was just making sure they liked the ideas I come up with. I think that comes with trying to be a perfectionist.

Tania art

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