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Throughout my time at Hatchery I have had ups and downs in terms of work and accomplishments. Things have been quite different as the company has progressed this month. The restaurant has reopened, events are almost every other day, and the new Guomao location is opening soon. As it is a very hectic time, most of my work has come in erratically and quickly. Deadlines are usually shortly after the work arrives and the volume can be overwhelming at times, however at other points there is almost nothing to do. As the work picked up, my downtime also increased proportionally. While I understand the need to focus on operations and the relative unimportance of my function in the business, I also feel like I could have been a greater asset if given the chance. In spite of these new challenges, I feel that the experience overall has been a very informative and positive one.

In retrospect, my work the first few days on the finances and decision-making process on opening a new hatchery location is both the most challenging and most rewarding part of my internship experience. I really enjoyed the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the company’s finances and to be able to make an informed recommendation on how to act for the people who make the big decisions on the company’s future.

As for professional accomplishments, I feel like the research and recommendations that I made on hatchery’s crowd funding program are the most helpful and well thought out aspects of my work. I thoroughly explored not only every option for crowd funding, but the other possible routes for raising capital as well as the legal aspects of how this type of financing would work with the restrictions put in place by the Chinese Government. While it has yet to be implemented, I feel that the work that I have done could have a large effect on how Hatchery grows and what direction it takes. Overall, in spite of relatively fizzling, I feel like the projects I have worked on at Hatchery are going to help me significantly in my professional life.

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