Leading with Patience

We are approaching the one-week mark of time left here in Beijing before we must head back home. Time is a curious thing; when we look too far ahead, there seems to be a lot of it, but when we look back, there doesn’t seem to be enough. Two months seem like a short amount of time, but it seems like I have been here for much longer. Maybe it’s just the way things work here. Nonetheless, it’s been an incredible experience thus far, with a lot of highs and very little lows.

There have not been many lows throughout this whole trip, both in terms of travel and internship. For my internship, things slowly got better as time has gone on. I can firmly say that I have enjoyed my time at my internship. However, if I had to pick a moment when I felt most challenged in my internship thus far, it would have to be when I didn’t think I belonged. What I mean by this is the time I arrived at my internship seemed like bad timing. The company was going through a shift, and everyone seemed occupied and had a defined role, while I was on the opposite spectrum. I didn’t know how I was going to fit in, or how I was going to best make an impact on the company. This was at the start of the internship, but as I look back now, it seemed fine to have this doubt in the beginning. Time and patience would play a huge factor.

On the other side, there have been too many good moments to count. I can’t seem to pick a best moment, so I might as well talk about a couple of the best moments briefly. The best moments started when I was told the work I was doing was important for the company and told I was doing a good job. I’m not one to actively seek out or in need of recognition or compliments, but it is nice to receive one occasionally like that. Another best moment was when I just brushed aside any doubts and casually started talking to my colleagues in Chinese.

The biggest professional accomplishment(s) in my internship has been providing information that is relative for the sales manager I have been working with to secure deals and representing the company at an intellectual property meeting by myself. I feel like I have been an integral part of the company, and representing the company at that meeting was an important step.

Photo:  “Exploring near Zaoying Station”

Jason street

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