Getting Out Of The Box

As I write this week’s journal, we are now exactly 10 days away from our last day in Beijing. It is unreal to think about how fast time has gone through its course. This weekend has been quite special for me because I was given the opportunity to talk about my experience as an American student in Beijing to a group of Chinese students who will be starting their graduate programs in America this Fall. Of course, my two-month time is nothing compared to their two-year long academic programs; but I am sure that two years from now, they will also look back and think how fast the past two years have been to them.

This also marks the start of my last week as an intern at Beijing 99. Even though everything is coming into a close, there are still much to be done. With only 4 working days left, I was assigned one last project to do – a bi-weekly report on the gaming industry. I have previously worked on the same type of report a few weeks ago, and it is by far the biggest challenge that I have during my internship. The report consists of 3 different stages: data collection, analysis, and compilation. The first report took a total of 1 week to finish because I was also asked to completely overhaul the format and design. It was the biggest challenge for me during this internship, but I was able to accomplish it within the expected time frame. This was the best moment for me.

My biggest professional accomplishment in this internship is the acquired ability to deal with ambiguous tasks. There were times when I was asked to do some seemingly-impossible tasks with little to no instructions, such as the aforementioned report. To be quite honest, the experience was not an enjoyable one. Typically, I would try to use all available resources to my disposal to find a solution. Yet, working in China presents many obstacles, including language barrier and lack of reliable internet. These combined take away my two most important resources. Being able to accomplish the tasks without these resources has taught me to improvise and think outside of the box. This will prove useful in my future endeavors as I adapt to the diverse workplace culture in America.

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