Empathy, Openness, & Enthusiasm – The Laws of Success

There have been many positive experiences for me at Lantai, ranging from making new friends to becoming a much stronger interpreter and editor of legal documents. My most challenging obstacle in the beginning was a language barrier between even some English speakers and myself, but communication has become much more stable as I have begun to understand accents and slowly interpreted what has been said by others. My singular most perplexing experience, though, was finding a way to present to a room full of people who were all native speakers of another language. I normally like to move at a very rapid pace during not only presentations, but also when directly speaking to other people in English. For me, it was very difficult to slowly and effectively communicate with the audience of people who came to listen to my presentation. I was able to overcome this through empathizing with the audience, and imagining if I was listening to a presentation in Mandarin, assuming that I knew Mandarin at all, which I do not. Communicating through a person’s second language is very difficult, but I am very fortunate of my audience’s open mindedness.

I believe the best moment of my internship was when my coworkers and I first got dinner outside of work. I think that friendship and relationships are extremely important in gaining experience and culture throughout the world. Myself and a few other interns have gained an extremely strong bond, and I believe that our friendships will be maintained after I go back to the United States. I have been taught about the many different aspects of Chinese law, Chinese culture, and the generational differences between Chinese people. In turn, I presented about American law, American culture, and the youth culture in which I partake. Additionally, Amani, the other CRCC intern at Lantai who is from England, gave a presentation about English law. As seen, I am very enthusiastic about learning from my colleagues, and very eager to participate in conversing about different aspects of international law.

I think my biggest professional accomplishment at Lantai was the large contract that Amani and I constructed in English, mentioned last week, for the Lantai Labor Department. Although it was dreadfully long, I was given a full insight into the practice of law, and what dedication must go into the profession. In conversing with many people throughout Lantai, including interns and lawyers, I have realized that I am far more passionate about investigative work, as opposed to functioning in a law firm. This was a part of my initial intention to explore the field of law, and thus was my biggest professional accomplishment.

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