Deep Waters Teach You How To Swim

This internship has thrown many challenging tasks at me, all with different demands and requirements that I needed to fulfill. I think the most difficult aspect of internship was completing assignments where I had to learn new tools and was given limited instructions. Many of the assignments I was given was outside the realm of my schooling.  This required me to learn tools for wireframing and video making.  On some of these assignments, I was given very limited details on what I was supposed to produce.

In school, I became so conditioned to concise instructions that told me exactly what to do, but I realized this is not going to be the case in the professional world. I realize I must make do with information provided to me and use different resources to pull together what I need. I also learned not to be afraid to ask for help when I need it. In school, the assignments are usually so well laid out that there’s really no need to ask for clarification or help. But in the professional help it’s better to ask for help then try to guess what needs to be done.

There have been many up and downs in this internship, some days harder than others. But that also means some days were better than others. I really enjoy the people that I work with so any interaction with them has always been pleasant so far. I think the most rewarding moments would be last week when I presented my idea of the user interface for our software to my boss. She loved the idea and wanted me to continue developing the idea before I leave. This was a great moment as it gave me more confidence about my ideas. It also allowed me to prove to my boss that I had some contribution to the company.

I would have to say my biggest professional accomplishment would have to come from what I mentioned above. My presentation to my boss went very well. I felt very accomplished that an idea that I came up was well received by everyone on the team and has the potential to make an impact.

Alan sit

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