Assessing My First Internship Experience

During my time working with MullenLowe Profero I believe that I have grown a lot, being this was my first true experience in a professional workplace.  In the time since I first joined the company, I have worked in the project management department assisting my supervisor and fellow coworkers in the digital marketing realm.

Some of the more challenging moments in this internship were times when our department did not have anything to work on, being we were either waiting on work to be relayed from the New York office or we were waiting for another department in our office to give us the work.  Though these times were challenging they enabled me to see what it is like working in an international company that relies on other branches around the world while simultaneously working on a major project.  Working in different time zones is a challenge in itself but MullenLowe always finds a way to get the work done efficiently.  I would say the most challenging work that I have had to complete was setting up timelines for projects on an application called Merlin Project.  Though it would seem that this would not be as challenging as creating SOWs and working on content population, setting up the timelines was tedious and challenging work.

Besides getting to work with all of the great people at my company, I would say the best moment of my internship thus far has been during the times when I would finish completing work or anytime I would begin working on something new.  It was a good feeling to be a contributing member of the team but the most satisfying part was knowing I could learn new skills and apply them to what I was working on in the moment.

Since I started working with the company my department has been continuously working on a project for Keiser Permanente, called KP Maui, which is a website for each branch of the KP Maui hospital in Hawaii.  Before working on this project, I would never have imagined how much work it takes to build a decent website.  It takes multiple departments with a good number of people to complete this kind of work.  My biggest professional accomplishment during this internship was correcting a number of errors on different pages of the websites and completing content population for KP Maui.  This is what I spent the majority of my time working on.  It was tedious work but gratifying to be able to help out my company.

Photo:  About a week ago my department moved to a new office temporarily; the atmosphere at this particular office makes me think of a company like Google.  We have a slide, pool table, and even a massage room.

Jake office

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