Constructing My Newfound Interest in Design

I have learned so much about the industry through this internship! I came in knowing very little about architecture and branding in particular, with a little knowledge in real estate. My first week I spent a lot of time looking into large architecture firms, and my supervisor would also get sidetracked talking about architecture and design when he would have a conversation with me. My supervisor is very intrigued by tall buildings and sustainable architecture, and these are many of the projects we work on. Through talking to him and working on different campaigns, my interest in architecture has exploded (thats a terrible word to use when talking about buildings but it was fitting here). Now I look at every building I see in awe or with a critical thinking cap on. Is that design efficient? Does it serve a function? Is it fire safe? What is the point of this project? I am honestly kind of annoying now…. but I am happy with my newfound excitement and passion for design and construction.

SWOT Analysis


  • Global reach (8 offices around the US, Asia, Australia, Europe)
  • Key clients (very large $ clients that bring widespread awareness (One World Trade Center, China World)


  • Time differences make communication between central London office and specifically Beijing office difficult
  • Lack of designers in certain parts of the world


  • Specifically for Asia, skyscrapers and luxury developments are being constantly built, which means more potential clients
  • Not a lot of competition for this niche service
  • Currency influxes that make outsourcing to London cheaper than US competitors


  • Suppression of Beijing and large cities real estate prices for developers
  • Censoring

I think the future outlook for this company is bright. Real estate developments will be continuously going up and will need marketing. Wordsearch has truly positioned itself as a leading global real estate branding firm and looks primed to take on some of these large luxury projects. The company has strong communication in order to coordinate between all the offices, and many of the problems Asia has can be funneled to London. Wordsearch provides quality work at a lower price because of the depreciating pound, and has global knowledge of real estate markets that is unmatched by many other companies.

Photo:  Enjoying a day off in Qi Jiu Ba

Tessa walk.jpg

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