The Challenges and Opportunities of Global Tourism in China

My company is in a transitional period of focusing more on the overseas tourism.  I think many more opportunities will surface as they become more global. Currently, Century Elephants is making these efforts by establishing offices in both the U.S and the U.K.

The focus on global expansion is one of Century Elephants greatest opportunities. Century Elephants recruits or attempts to recruit a diverse group of employees, ranging in ethnicity and educational background.  For example, a handful of employees have some level of English comprehension which is advantage for international communication. There has also been recent recruitment efforts to attract  Japanese and Korean employees who can help further expand their global reach in the industry.

One  weakness of the company is ambiguity and procrastination.  Often there is a complete lack of direction on how tasks should be completed. I think this could hinder international employees whom are not used to such environments. I think indirect communication with their international audience could also hinder their global expansion efforts.  If they can grow in this area, while continuing their current direction, their success can be outstanding.

I have learned a few things about the tourism industry and office behavior from my internship. Your attitude is just as important as your work ethic. A good attitude is always necessary.  Smile through even the most mundane tasks because every little thing you do counts in some way.

Work with what you’ve got. Sometimes the directions or the outcome of what the boss needs or wants remains unclear. At first, this can be quite overwhelming but taking everything as is and improvising helps a lot. The industry is a lot bigger than what is on the surface so researching topics given to you as you go helps.

Listen and practice the art of networking. You can learn something from everybody, from everyone in your office. Talk to everyone and listen carefully to what they say. Establishing relationships, in your working environment makes the job easier and people are more willing to assist you.

Keiria friends.jpg

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