Space SWOT

Throughout the past weeks I have learned more about the creation of lesson plans more so than the competitions. Even though I have not directly helped with the creation of lesson plans and the process that goes into it, I have learned what to look for with regards to good vs. bad activities. This industry is highly competitive, I could not even attempt to think of all the businesses that create and sell lesson plans, but ITCCC seems to do a good job of getting their name out into the Chinese market.

I believe a major strength of ITCCC is how diverse the company is. They do not only focus on one aspect of education but many sectors, from robotics to linguistics and teaching to competitions. Having this range of programs and goals is good for it and they do well despite having a small staff of about 20 people. With that being said, the small size of the company is a major disadvantage. It is hard for them to compete with larger and more established companies (think of the big names in education in the US) and they would likely greatly improve from having more staff working in marketing and certain departments that only consist of a couple people.

ITCCC is currently researching an opportunity to expand into the after-school program sector with a space-based facility. My newest project is to research international space museums and describe their activities and how the buildings are designed. ITCCC wants to work jointly with a museum here to obtain a building and hire a designer to create the facility. This would be a huge opportunity for them to build more of a reputation in the community with a unique platform. As I mentioned before, the major threat in this industry is the enormous amount of competition. There is a myriad of companies who run competitions, create lesson plans, and run after-school programs. The major problem is finding a way to stand out amongst them all even though ITCCC is a very new company. I believe this is a major factor in running an inimitable space program.

If ITCCC can successfully create and run the space after-school program it would give them the boost they need to be successful in other areas too. Not only would it be good for PR, but also fundraising which can be used in other areas of the company. I am not aware of other ways they wish to expand in the future, but I am sure they have ideas and certainly room to grow as such a young company. These are still their early years and I look forward to keeping up with their expansion.

Kaila view

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