Love and Law

Lantai Partners Law Firm has revealed many things about the law industry that have not been popularized by the media, potentially due to the location in which I encounter media or the Chinese whereabouts of this firm. Either way, I have been shown that heart and soul goes into practicing law, despite the normalized prejudice against lawyers’ greed.

What I have observed about this specific law firm is a widespread empathy for not only their clients, but also their employees as well, even new interns such as myself. As you can see in my picture with the Labor Department of our firm, partners and interns alike help one another grow, and establish lifelong relationships for the betterment of both parties.

When I first arrived at my company, both of my main supervisors were emphatic that I take time for myself, and try to explore Beijing as much as possible, even if that meant missing work. I did not think that many companies around the world would do that, especially a law firm, yet I was surprised by Lantai’s extreme willingness to help me grow, and the expression of love for all workers. I do not believe that the entire field of law acts like this; however, my mind has been opened by these kind actions, and I believe that the field of law cannot be summarized by actions of greed or selfishness.

Lantai has a very strong basis, and provides many strengths in China. Partners specialize in various areas of law, and some are at the forefront of their practices, which is a very big strength in my opinion. Another strong belief that I have about Lantai is their treatment of the workers: showing dignity and respect to those who may not even matter, which allows for a very positive affect on clients and on the quality of the firm.

However, due to the ambiguity and lack of development in many areas of Chinese law, the company could face many areas of instability and fluctuation in business, which can be seen as a weakness. Additionally, the lack of establishment of Lantai can be seen as a weakness, as it has been a firm for less than ten years.

The opportunities for Lantai are endless. They have very positive reviews with every client, and very strong ties with not only the local government, but also the national government and a few international embassies as well. With more experience and hard work, I am sure that Lantai will become a very powerful law firm in China.

The only threat that I see with the company would be the youthfulness, but the dedication of Lantai’s employees prove to prevent this threat from stopping the expansion of Lantai. I think that the company will continue to respect people from all walks of life, and to use as many resources as possible in order to maintain their goals. From what I know of the culture of China, first impressions are very important for companies and individuals. Because Lantai has made a lasting impression on the people and government of Beijing, they will continue to expand and help their clients accomplish their goals, in my opinion. I hope to see Lantai as a very successful law firm throughout China in a few short years, because I truly believe that they deserve the acclaim.

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