Going Digital in Beijing

Mullenlowe Profero is a digital marketing and media agency that strives to provide exposure to companies on all digital platforms.  By creating websites and combining media, communications strategy, enterprise technology, user experience, analytics and delivery they are able to create the ultimate digital marketing exposure for each of their clients.  The platforms my company works on include not only computers but also mobile phones and tablet devices.  Each digital platform requires a unique approach to development being the screens are all of different sizes so each landing page and additional pages for a website but fit each of the different screens appropriately.

Being that MullenLowe Profero is an international agency they operate differently than other companies, when working on projects for companies most of the time the Beijing office is working with other offices of MullenLowe Profero; in my case I have seen a lot of collaboration with the London and New York offices in regards to projects for Keiser Permanente and Harley Davidson.  Sometimes it can be frustrating when trying to relay work or get information about a particular project when collaborating with these other offices due to the time differences, being that everyone is working during different times.  Though this can be seen as a weakness of working in this international company, it can also be a strength being that different offices around the world will collaborate and work together to build the best possible websites and forms of advertising for our clients.

Being that all companies now need to adapt to the times and advertise digitally Mullenlowe Profero has great opportunities for work.  Currently there are several different projects being worked on and personally I don’t see a time in the future where there will not be demand from potential clients to help build their advertising.  For this reason, I think the future outlook of the company is very bright.  There are clients in healthcare, technology and motor vehicles just to name a few.  Some of the company’s biggest competitors are other digital marketing companies such as Thrive and Digivate.  No matter the industry, every company needs professional assistance with digital marketing in order to compete in their respective industries during these times.

Jake office

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