Dumplings and Data

What a week! I had an amazing time this weekend in Xi’an with Kaila, Tessa, and Thomas. It was such a beautiful city and I am thankful I had the opportunity to explore more history, pagodas, and street foods. We had the best dumplings I’ve ever had while in Xi’an at a place called Hǎiróng Guōtiēdiàn, right outside of Muslim Street. I know there is nowhere in the US that serves food as good as it was in Xi’an, whether it be in the street or a restaurant. I have never been so satisfied.

At work this week I am continuing my trek on organizing all of SPRG’s past credentials to be put into a software system. It boggles my mind that a company so invested in technology has yet to set up a system like this or even have a succinct method of creating credentials, but as I go through the numerous duplicates, images, and articles I now have a fifty page word document of various credentials dating back from 2006. I hope that Arthur will put it to use in the near future.

The PR industry is a very dynamic industry, it isn’t clearly defined as marketing, communications, or advertising industry it is a combination of all in addition to many other niches. The projects that are brought to the company are as diverse as the industry, which is a large reason I love learning about all the projects that SPRG has done in the past.

SPRG was established in the 1990’s and has numerous locations in Asia and is under the umbrella of a larger PR organization so there are people that know what they’re doing and they have experience with all types of companies and projects. However, because there are so many locations just in Asia, it makes completing tasks, like updating the company website, impossible because no one can decide what the new design should look like or what should be added and taken away. Regarding the website, Arthur told me they have been trying to update it for four years now and nothing has changed, I believe this gives someone the opportunity to propose an idea for change and hopefully kick start a conversation between all of the Asian branches.

Because of the difficult time SPRG has communicating amongst branches, it leaves other dominant PR firms in the region to become more innovative and progress at a faster pace than SPRG.

I believe that this company needs to become more inventive and innovative, especially because they are a PR firm. They need to capitalize on the technology and resources they have and implement it to their image before other companies surpass them. It’s not that SPRG doesn’t have the ability to be better than other firms, but it’s appearance and lack of organization is inhibiting the company from its full potential.

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