Chocolate SWOT

In the past month of working at Vandergeeten, I have learned many aspects and characteristics concerning the beer and premium goods industry. I have learned that the industry is highly volatile and growing exponentially. There are not many regulations for imported goods so much of the competitive advantage is obtained through quicker supply chains and better efficiency. Nonetheless, the industry is vastly expanding and Vandergeeten is battling to capture the market.

In regards to a SWOT analysis, Vandergeeten has a lot of potential in the future to become a very successful company. Vandergeeten has many strengths in China. There strengths include their flexible supply chain network and their existing and future contracts with vendors throughout mainland China. When importing goods, there are many large warehouse facilities that are able to hold and carry the goods. This allows for the trucks to make flexible arrangements and deliveries from the warehouses to the vendors throughout mainland China. Since Vandergeeten has established routes and networks, they are able to efficiently delivery goods. Alongside, Vandergeeten has many contracts with local bars and supermarkets that create a steady flow of goods for the suppliers. This allows for constant revenue and a stream of business.

Weaknesses of the company include the actual market products they are trying to sell. Many of the goods Vandergeeten are trying to sell include luxury and premium goods. While these products can produce a lot of money, many of the consumers do not know about it or rather cannot afford the luxury product. This obviously puts a higher emphasis on the sales and marketing team to appeal to the consumers.

Opportunities for Vandergeeten include creating a stronger cold chain network and securing contracts with vendors such as stadiums and airlines. China has one of the worst cold chain logistics in the world. Because of this, many frozen luxury goods are not able to travel very far which affects the freshness and over marginal cost. If Vandergeeten is able to create some sort of cold facility or checkpoints of refreezing, then they would be able to tap into the frozen foods market. Furthermore, locking in contracts with stadiums and airlines (places that need constant beer and premium chocolates/ice cream) can help set them up for strong business ventures in the future.

One foreseeable threat to Vandergeeten is there limited consumer market. Since the disposable income of citizens have been rising, business has been profitable for Vandergeeten. But if any government or economic regulations take into effect, that can really hurt the business since they rely heavily on premium goods.

I believe that the future outlook on the organization will be very positive and profitable. Luxury goods have recently been increasing in desire and it is very good that Vandergeeten was able to establish itself ahead of the curb. With regulations and increased competition, barriers of entry are high for this industry. Vandergeeten has already established contracts with vendors and has an efficient supply chain network, leaving room for them to focus on more detail oriented things. With this in mind, I believe the company will be profitable for many years and eventually can be a big national firm.

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